Wamp does not start: Windows 7, 64Bit

1. One solution to fix this problem is the following:

Start > cmd.exe

Inside the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) type:

cd c:/wamp/bin/apache/ApacheX.X.X/bin
httpd.exe -e debug

**Note that the ApacheX.X.X is the version of the Apache wamp is running.

This should output what the apache server is doing. The error that causes Apache from loading should be in there. My problem was that httpd.conf was trying to load a DLL that was missing (icuuc51.dll). As soon as I overwrote this file, I restarted Wamp and everything ran smooth.

2. Other solution is to download vcredist_x86 (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86) from microsoft website.

3. Third option is to click orange icon and hit Apache > Service > Install Service. Click again orange icon and hit Apache > Service > Start Service. Click orange icon and hit Put Online.

Try these methods. I hope this will fix your issue.

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